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limb/tests_runner-0.8.7 released!

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

I’m glad to announce the new release of the limb/tests_runner package which reached 0.8.7-beta version! This package ships with limb_unit - a SimpleTest tests “swiss army knife” console based runner. If you’d like to know more about limb_unit utility I would highly recommend reading its documentation since it provides quite unique features like nested fixtures, code coverage and so on(documentation it’s actual for 0.8.5-beta as of this writing, but that’s ok).

This release introduces some unique filtering features which can be quite useful for large sets of tests. Now it’s possible to use filters for the following entities:

  • test classes
  • test classes’ methods
  • test classes’ PHPDoc @group annotation tags

In the rest of this post I’ll describe these new features in detail.

Buildman - dead simple Continuous Integration tool

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

If you have ever tried to setup the Continuous Integration process using one of the well known ‘classic’ tools like CruiseControl you might have been wondering if there’s a simpler and quicker way. I have been wondering too, thus meet Buildman ;)