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Making windows(smb) shares mounting convenient with autofs

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Working with windows shares in Linux is kinda painful, especially if you are a console geek and don’t like all that magic Gnome and KDE network applets do for you during connection to some smb server(what even worse these connections are only “visible” in GUI not in console).

I just needed something as low-level as possible and at the same time simple and convenient. Using smbmount with friends(smbumount, smbclient) is a possible way to go but I’m too lazy to type it each time and remember all its options ;)

After some googling around it turned out that autofs could be the right tool. I only had to configure it properly… It took several hours of heavy googling, reading scarce blog posts, hacking with autofs and tearing lots of my hear before I finally got more or less acceptable solution for this problem.