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{{macro}} online usage examples

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Sergey Yudin(syfisher) did really great job by making {{macro}} template engine examples available on-line.

If you are wondering who in the world in his sane mind might need yet another PHP templating engine, well…I blogged about {{macro}} some time ago where, I hope, I presented some unique arguments in its favour. Here’s the quote from that post which, probably, most nicely and concisely describes the main idea behind {{macro}}:

To be short, the main idea behind {{macro}} is to use C/C++ alike(but way more sophisticated) macro tags to simplify usage of raw PHP in templates.

Ok, going back to the subject of this post, the mentioned page has runnable examples for mostly all core {{macro}} tags. You can browse the template rendering result page, template sources and PHP code which actually works behind the scene.

You can also download the source code of these examples from projects page(where, by the way, you can find some other real life Limb3 usage samples).

We are going to update examples on the regular basis presenting other interesting {{macro}} usage patterns in the future, so, if you are interested, stay tuned.

Update: Sergey also made a “Generated PHP code” link for each example, so it’s possible to view what PHP code is generated for each case. Cool stuff ;)