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Limb3 2007.4(Frozzy) Released!

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Actually Limb3 2007.4 was released on the 31st of the December 2007 but we(here in Russia) have 10 days of official holidays and I simply was too lazy to blog anything during those crazy days of champagne-with-vodka-fest-and-early-morning-hangovers ;)

If you are wondering what Limb3 actually is and why world needs another PHP…er…framework(btw I hate this word too!), here’s a brief introduction. Limb3 is just a bunch of relatively independent packages, it is not a monolithic framework. Some packages are pretty unique(e.g {{macro}}) while others were inspired by cool stuff available for other than PHP platforms(e.g. active_record inspired by Rails’ ActiveRecord). And no, Limb3 was never intended to be “the one and the only one true PHP framework”. I personally believe in well thought code re-usability, thus the end application may contain bits of ezComponents, ZendFramework, PEAR, Limb3 and name-your-favorite-PHP-libraries-here.

Anyway, it’s better late than never, so here’s the list of the most notable changes made during past 6 months:

* ACTIVE_RECORD package: better invalid fields handling using
exceptions, support for different names of the primary key added
* CORE package: cruft cleanup, refactoring and misc. code
* CACHE package: cleanup and better implementation, added
initial APC and Memcached support
* DATETIME package: major refactoring, renaming lmbDate into
lmbDateTime, etc
* {{macro}} alternative to WACT templating engine added with almost
all WACT alike functionality(and even more!)
* IMAGEKIT package: complete redesign using filters and fluent interfaces
* TESTS_RUNNER package: test groups and methods filters, better
coverage support
* JS package: upgraded jQuery to 1.2.1
* MAIL package: upgraded phpmailer to 1.73
* WEB_APP package: major cleanup, removed all commands and obsolete
* VIEW package: support for view selection based on template extension
added(currently MACRO and WACT)
* TREE package: ArrayAccess and ArrayIterator interfaces compatibility fixes
* FS package: more generic file system iterators added

Please note, this is rather a general changelog above, see the specific package changelog for more details.

The bundled release of all packages is available in the SourceForge downloads section of Limb3-2007.4