“Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we”..er..I?

As Cranberries put this very question as a title of their debut album, similarly I’m asking myself why not starting yet another blog and if it’s really a good idea to post my personal thoughts to the public ;) Probably not and, who knows, I may abandon this blog in a week but right now I feel inspired(oh, at least I’ll have a chance to practice my English).

You may be asking, why choosing such a title for the blog “My personal blah-blah for efficiency”? Well, you see I’m an efficiency fan. I simply admire people who get things done with a few keystrokes in vim, who can deploy the new version of the application(being under highload) to the web cluster with a minimum of fuss, who have some free time(and good sleep) while developing a >500k LOC application at the primary job and releasing it in time, who…ouch, I can keep on but this post is getting bigger than usual for the “hello world”. Anyway, I guess, you get the idea.

Simply put, this is a blog where I’m going to describe my adventures while trying to achieve better efficiency in every aspect of my life(actually, mostly in software development and *nix administration ;) )

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